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Worrying about your first ski holiday? Maybe you’re going with a group of really experienced skiers and you’re the only one you’ll be sticking to the nursery slopes. or perhaps you just need some gentle reassurance. You’ve come to the right place for advice for a first-time skier. Skiing for the first time is bound to be a little bit nervewracking, but it’s an incredible rush of adrenaline when you really get going. Here are the answers to some of the most common first-time skiers’ questions.

Will I fall over?

Unfortunately, you’re probably going to fall over a lot your first time skiing. Even experienced skiers fall over sometimes! The good news is, the baby or nursery slopes you’ll be learning on will be soft and you’ll be going so slowly at first that a little bump on the snow won’t hurt a bit. However, always make sure you have good holiday insurance – just in case.

Can I take my camera skiing?

Yes, you can, but if you have an expensive camera we wouldn’t recommend taking it on the slopes in case you fall and break it. A small digital camera, your phone or even a GoPro would be a better alternative. We all know that getting those snaps on the slopes are super important!

Do I have to go on a ski lift?

Probably not for your first time skiing. Nursery slopes are far too small to need a ski lift, they’ll probably have a ‘magic carpet’ which is a sloping travelator enclosed in a tunnel. Unless you’re a master at learning to ski and make it onto one of the harder slopes, don’t worry about needing to take a chair lift.

What does ‘après ski’ mean?

This phrase quite literally means ‘after ski’, and it essentially refers to getting drunk after skiing. It usually lasts from around 3 pm to 6 pm, with drinks deals and live music in a lot of the bars. Après ski is great fun and an unmissable experience for your first ski trip.

Are there bathrooms on ski slopes?

Yes, there are bathrooms at the ski runs. Usually, several runs will start/end at the same place and there’ll be bars, restaurants, shops and some kind of ski centre which will have a bathroom.

How quickly will I improve?

This all depends on your fitness and natural ability. But for most people, the first two days (skiing for 3-5 hours per day) will be rough. After this, you’ll start to feel as if you’re getting the hang of it. An important factor to be aware of is that you’ll ski worse when you’re tired – so don’t worry if you start on the second day feeling like you can take on anything the slopes throw at you and end it falling over more than ever.

Should I have lessons?

We encourage all new skiers to have a lesson or two – learn all the basic skills you’ll need to hit the slopes. Lessons will also eliminate some of the frustration that could take the fun out of this new activity. Skiing is a lifetime sport, so getting some instruction from a pro can get you off on the right foot so you’re set up for years of enjoyment on the slopes.


First Time Skiers' Questions
Article Name
First Time Skiers' Questions
Common questions asked by first-time skiers, putting your worries at ease so you can enjoy your ski trip without worrying.
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