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There’s always someone who pipes up when skiing is mentioned, often spouting lots of reasons why skiing is apparently bad and why it should be swapped for a holiday in the sun instead. Like every popular past time, there are lots of misconceptions circulating about skiing – here we will go through some of the biggest myths and explain them.


Myth #1: Your Ski Boots Should Hurt

This is completely bogus; your ski boots should not be uncomfortable. Whilst your toes might be a bit chilly and your feet definitely won’t feel as comfortable as they do in a pair of your favourite trainers; there should not be any pain, numbness, pins and needles or any other sort of uncomfortable sensations. 

If your feet feel comfortable in your boots, you will have better sensory feedback from your feet, and will, therefore, be able to balance better on your skis. This will result in being able to turn with more control and respond to the slopes beneath you with ease. Ultimately, your skiing performance will be optimised and your risk of injury will be greatly reduced. 


Myth #2: You Should Always Ski With People Better Than You

This is how a lot of stories about ACL ligament rupture or serious injury start. Trying to keep up with skiers that are better than you is the beginning of a recipe for disaster. Pushing yourself whilst skiing isn’t a bad thing, but if you aren’t careful it can lead to a high chance of serious injuries. 

To reduce your injury risk when buddies are more skilled and going faster than you, consider making your day slightly shorter because you are likely to get physically and mentally more tired earlier than them. This is due to their technique being more efficient so they won’t be putting in the same physical or mental effort. 


Myth #3: Skiing Ends After March

Skiers can’t wait to start carving on the man-made snow in October – but strangely they leave lots of good quality natural snow coverage and even powder untouched. Skiing after March is brilliant, the resorts are a lot quieter, empty slopes, child-friendly temperatures and sunshine (this isn’t a guarantee, sorry!).


Myth #4: Holidays Shouldn’t be About Exercise

So we can sort of see the point being made here, some people just want to relax and do nothing strenuous on holiday and that’s fine. Skiing is technically a sport, and so you are technically spending your holiday working out, but we dare you to try and find a skier who says that the ache in their legs from a day on the mountain isn’t worth it. 


Myth #5: Taking the Kids Would be a Nightmare

Family skiing holidays do come with a few twists and turns along the way, but there are lots of family-friendly resorts with slopes suitable for kids. Not only is it a great way to keep the family active on holiday, but skiing together also provides a great way to keep the family active on holiday. You’ll also make memories together that you’ll cherish. 

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